We lay the groundwork,
you make the deal.

We help you to expand your business network by assisting you in finding new clients.

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Lead Altitude LTD

Our proprietary solutions help you turn your dream business into a reality.

Our skilled team of professionals unlock doors to gain access to potential new clients.

Our targeted approach and use of up-to-the-minute technology saves you time and money

Once prospects have been identified, we qualify them on your behalf.

Searching for, validating, and qualifying prospects can be a
costly and time-consuming process.

Our skilled team will use their expertise to prospect for you,
targeting your ideal clients and helping you to
build your business.

Streamlined Process

We do all the hard work for you so you can focus on growing your business far quicker and in a more efficient, effective way.

Cut Advertising Costs

GetMeClients can save you money on advertising costs.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our main goal is to pair you up with suitable clients who’ll increase your revenue to the next level.

Our 3-Step Programme to empowering your business

Book a demo

We’ll explain the process to you, discuss your target market, and help to identify what makes your business offering unique (your selling points).

Set up a profile

We tailor-make a business profile for you on our platform and create new bespoke campaigns to attract the right clients.

Close more sales

We help to build your client base and boost sales by setting up meetings with qualified leads where you can showcase your unique business offering and close more deals.

Our professional solutions give your business the edge.
These include:

An optimised LinkedIn profile to attract the clients you want

We monitor and assess the performance of each campaign to get the most effective outcome for you

Unique campaigns for your target market that showcase your offering

Evaluate clients for you to see if they will enhance your business

Why should you invest in building your business?
New clients bring new possibilities. And by finding the right clients you are building a better business that you aspire to achieving.
Is the marketing process transparent?
We believe that transparency and trust is key; so we keep you updated throughout the process, giving you viewing rights to all that we do for you.

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